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I just want a little more variety in my life. I'm at the beach on holiday. Tai will be able to drive a car soon. I have to get changed for work. The crowd cheered again. I've got to sign off. Private detectives were hired to look into the strange case. A true gentleman would not betray his friends. That's not my thing. Tim must be home by 2:30.

Right now, that's the least of our problems.

When he kissed me, I felt a shiver run down my spine. How old are you? - I'm twenty-three years old. There is a rumor about that he is going to resign. We've seen this happen before. People of all ages like this song. He does not let the opponent come near him. The Japanese are generally considered to be very industrious.

She speaks really well. Andrew speaks ill of Gil. Give List your seat. Nobody wants Loren. Tomorrow is a day off. It just takes practice. Murthy was ashamed to tell anybody what he did. To him, hunger was an abstract concept; he always had enough to eat. Is there any room to spare in your car?

Where were Darryl's parents at that time? The bus was two minutes early. Your family has become a laughing stock. I can't give it to them.

Are you studying your Portuguese lesson? Amir did what he had been told. I told him of our plans, but he seemed uninterested. Seenu and Ravindran sure looked happy. Your birth was an accident. Why don't you just let Trying help? Ken is the best guy to communicate with Mr. Ogata. That is, if he prepares presentation materials. Stir the mixture until it foams, then set it aside.

Give me a ring when you decide to marry me. They rigged the football game. The ship hull is divided into watertight compartments. Bradley is extremely untalented.

Marshall isn't sure what he's supposed to do. I finally passed that test. Queen Elizabeth II is thought to be descended from Genghis Khan via her grandmother. If I'm not mistaken, the problem is we are out of gas. I can't find anything. These cookies are delicious. I like his cat. If the people knew by what small men they are ruled, they would soon rebel. I can't find my pipe. Can you tell me what size this is?

Now that I notice it, I have nowhere to run. It was a genuine mistake. In this household, the women and men share equal responsibilities. The paper cut his finger as if it were a razor blade. She talks as if he knew everything under the sun.

The market is glutted with cheap imports. I feel like going on a trip. Dan didn't even deserve the nomination. No one is calling you a thief. Grant didn't know Edmund had a sister. The author illustrated his book with a lot of pictures. "Where were you?" "I went shopping." I like to travel. It is sensible of you to follow her advice.

Running as fast as I could, I was able to catch up with my friend. Naoto is the oldest.

Is there any chance you could be ready in an hour? Were you telling the truth?

What method did you use to give up smoking? Please don't accuse me of something I didn't do. I'm going to tell him. I got to know her REAL well. Illness kept me from going there. Don't you think that you've done enough? I see they've given you a promotion. You never listen to our advice. Please note that allocated seating is not available and seating is based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Aaron and Conrad became friends when they both lived in Boston. Roxana wants you to know what he can do to help. You are entitled to hold your beliefs, but you are not entitled to mandate those beliefs for others. It is pretty cold. "I can count from 1 to 100 in French now." "Wow, that's great. How about counting backwards from 100 to 1?" "No, that's still impossible for me." Well, I did a nice job painting the ceiling, if I do say so myself. Listen to what I am saying. We're back. I know that Edgar is more handsome than me.